Discover the Disruption, The Way It Should Be

Any orgnization first needs anticipate the disruption. Many make the mistake of adapting the hype.


The leaders of any organization need knowledge to make decisions. We help them in gaining the knowledge about all disruptive technologies that are out there, minus the hype.


Understanding which disruptions are actually going to affect their industry, in what ways and realistic picture of their impact.


Preparing the blueprints to make the disruptive technologies adapt to the work culture. Preferably, the technology should adapt the humans, not the other way round.

Our Tri-Potential Approach

We don't tell you what you need to change. We become your team, your partner in the process.

R2i2 Embrace

You know your business best and with R2i2 Embrace, which are deep dive 1 to 3 day workshops, we develop the design thinking required for upcoming technologies. With this you can identify and brainstorm opportunities in your existing business processes.

R2i2 Experience

Through R2i2 Experience, we help you perfrom a tech agnostic detailed process review, identify opportunities, experience those opportunities or solutions in the live environment through proof of concepts and then frame an action plan to implement it.

R2i2 Benefit

R2i2 Benefit has been designed to enable organisations reap the benefits of disruptive technologies by integrating solutions built on disruptive technologies, into business processes or otherwise. In addtion to building fully customised product as per your requirement, R2i2 Benefit offers a range of plug and play automation tools suitable for various business processes.

Often new technologies can fail to improve organizational productivity not because of fundamental flaws in the technology but because intimate insider knowledge has been overlooked.
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Salesforce, the leading provider of cloud solutions for business management, revealed its own blockchain solution today built on the Hyperledger Sawtooth platform.

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Daimler Trucks is establishing the Autonomous Technology Group as a global organization for automated driving, bringing together its worldwide expertise and activities..

Faurecia invests in Cybersecurity for the connected car

Faurecia, one of the world’s leading automotive technology companies has announced an investment in GuardKnox, an Israeli automotive cybersecurity provider.